Enterprise-Grade Source Code Analytics Platform Overview

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IoT is Making Quality Imperative for All Embedded Software



Maximize code coverage while minimizing false positives and false negatives

Speed up development while reducing the risk of releasing defective software.



Clearly identify must-fix defects including memory corruption, failures and run-time exceptions, security vulnerabilities, concurrency defects, and performance degradation.

With PRQA tools what you see is what you need to fix.



Fit our automated QA tools into your existing development and testing process.

All of your coding and testing standards are supported.



Gain efficiency by reducing the barriers between distributed teams of developers whether internal or outsourced.

Streamline your code review process with advanced reporting and analysis of all of your codebases.

PRQA’s source code analytics platform is configurable for teams of any size, and can meet the needs of the largest globally distributed teams analyzing millions of lines of code.
This platform consists of the following components:

Local Static Analyzers for
Multiple Languages

At the core of the PRQA source code analytics platform are analyzers that can be configured to run locally on either desktop or server.

Static analyzers automatically perform in-depth analyses on your source code without executing programs. They check your software for reliability, security, and conformance to ISO coding best practices.

Augment the Capabilities of Local Analyzers

Add supporting modules to gain additional insights, comply with established coding
standards, and expose unnecessary complexity in your codebase.

QA·Verify Management

View the output and results from static analyzers across all developers globally. Collaborate with peers directly in the code and make regular code inspections become part of your culture.

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Standards Compliance

Assess your source code and enforce adherence to coding standards such as MISRA, JSF, or your own in-house standards. Get detailed reports and proof of compliance.

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Application Security

Address today's critical security requirements and remove security vulnerabilities. Build secure software leveraging CWE, and CERT coding standards.

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Structure101 Structural

Improve your ability to understand and manage your C and C++ software architecture by exposing interdependencies and the associated complexity between modules.

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Continuous Integration -
Jenkins Plugin

Encourage developers and teams to share and integrate all their contributions continuously.
Get trusted results from checked-in code for reports and QA·Verify snapshots.

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