Source Code Analysis with Unsurpassed Accuracy

Quickly process millions of lines of code, catching flaws and violations that others miss, without producing false alarms or sacrificing development speed.

Every year 95% of our customers renew their license agreements.

Accurate Analysis of Industrial-Scale Code

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IoT is Making Quality Imperative for All Embedded Software

We help our customers in automotive, aerospace, medical and other demanding industries to develop high-quality embedded source code – software which is impervious to attack and executes as intended.

PRQA solutions are widely adopted by organizations whose products need to perform securely and reliably in mission critical and safety critical environments, as well as any other industry where software must behave as intended.

You’ll be able to accelerate your time-to-market while realizing dramatic improvements in the quality and security of your embedded code and level of productivity. Our solutions serve as virtual mentors, too. Watch your team become more skilled and more productive. Your best will quickly get better and you’ll have the detailed metrics to prove it.


PRQA Developer's Challenge​​​​​​​

Is automated code inspection better than manual code reviews? What errors do developers miss when checking code manually? Test your team’s proficiency.

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Gain Confidence In Your Code

Know that your code is always secure, compliant, reliable, reusable, portable, on schedule, and will perform as expected.

Find real and relevant issues

Minimize false positives and reduce your time to market. Minimize false negatives and reduce expensive mistakes and recalls.

Clear, Actionable Output

Increase developer productivity by identifying the cause of coding errors as they happen, making it easy to fix and learn from mistakes. Plus, all team members get access to role-specific reports they can understand and act on.

“...not only are we delivering consistently high-quality code, our delivery times have improved and so have our profits!”
“In the beginning we assumed that better quality software meant more overhead and longer delivery times. We found that if we used V&V to inject the quality at the end of the process, this is indeed the case.
However, by having our developers produce quality code from the outset – by adopting coding standards and analyzing with QA·C - not only are we delivering consistently high-quality code, our delivery times have improved and so have our profits!”

Samir Kulkami, Head of Productivity and Functional Excellence
KPIT Technologies

More than 3,000 companies trust PRQA automated static analysis to save time and produce better code.

Produce Reliable, Safe and Secure Code in Less Time


Meeting deadlines no longer requires launching software with preventable defects. PRQA automated static analysis catches bugs and security vulnerabilities throughout the development process and before they become systemic, whether you code in C or C++.


Learn More About Static Analyzers QA·C and QA·C++


Compliance Modules


Effective enforcement of coding rules can rarely be achieved by traditional manual code reviews, therefore PRQA provides compliance modules to be used in conjunction with our core technologies.

Standards such as MISRA, JSF, CERT, and your own modified or custom internal coding standards are all supported.


Learn More About Coding Standards Compliance Modules

Team-sharing Collaboration


Regardless of team size or geographical distribution, align your team with coding standards and enable collaborative code reviews. Also extend the audience beyond the traditional core of developers and quality professionals to encompass other key stakeholders, such as development leads, architects, project managers, senior management and even external customers and suppliers.


Learn More About QA·Verify


Customizable Reports Tailored to Key Stakeholders


Present your development efforts to stakeholders in a way they can understand and act upon. Whether you need a high-level overview to assess risk and assign action items, a status report to assess exposure and allocate resources where they’re needed most, or detailed reports to identify vulnerabilities and create a defect resolution plan --PRQA delivers the information you need in a variety formats including PDF and XML.


Learn More About QA·Verify Management Dashboards

What Our Customers Are Saying

"QA·C with MISRA helped us to identify issues and bugs at a very early stage during development.”

Zoltan Mihai, Head of Software Development and Engineering
Mentor Graphics

Events and Training

Embedded World 2018

February 27 - March 1, 2018, Nuremberg, DE

Join us at the largest European embedded event: "embedded goes autonomous". Come and see us at stand 138 in hall 4.

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ISO 26262

March 14-15, 2018 | Duesseldorf, DE

Come and speak to us this specialised functional safety event. Listen to our presentation about the latest AUTOSAR C++ Coding Guidelines.

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Webinar: Coding Safe Modern C++ with AUTOSAR Guidelines

Learn about the background to the development of the AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines, why they are important, and how to apply them.

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