Ongoing quality improvement and continued education is a key part of a successful and quality driven development environment. PRQA technical consultants provide a number of training courses and also mentoring options that target both experienced and inexperienced engineers and focus on effective and robust language and product usage. All our training courses are instructor-led and are typically tailored to individual needs.


PRQA’s product training courses are designed to ensure C and C++ developers get the best out of PRQA Static Analysis Solutions. We show how to install and deploy QA·C, QA·C++ and QA·Verify to optimize development time.

Product training course may include:

  • Product introduction
  • Configuration and analysis of code
  • Creation of projects and configuration
  • Metrics and visualizations overview and discussion
  • Analysis reporting
  • Product integration and usage
  • Product extension and custom rule creation


PRQA’s language training courses are aimed at developers working with C and C++ to help understand the rules and recommendations of the coding standards with respect to the ISO languages and embedded development.

Language training course subject summary:

  • Purpose, overview and background of language and coding standard
  • Rationale and approach to guideline construction
  • Language vulnerabilities
  • Good practice and defensive coding practices
  • Practical aspects of rule application
  • Advanced language topics and guidelines

From Our Customers

“The combination of technical solution and training helped us to deliver a high quality product.”