Code Audits

The benefits of reviewing and auditing code prior to release are undisputed, but this can put pressure on those all important deadlines. PRQA services include code audits, where we audit your code to provide independent verification of software quality.

Using QA·C & QA·C++ technologies, every line of code provided will be analyzed to identify language issues and source code bugs. A report utilizing the extensive features of QA·Verify will be produced containing the following:

  • All instances of message violations together with a description and impact analysis of the problem in context and suggestions of potential ways of re-coding to avoid the problem.
  • Highlight metric data that exceeds industry limits, providing graphing of widely used metrics and indication of level of maintainability, testability, and complexity.
  • Comments on project structure through use of visualization diagrams (includes, calls, inheritance tree), tangle and inter-dependency detection, potential architectural constraint violations and areas for improving code reuse.
  • Indicates compliance levels against industry standards (MISRA C, MISRA C++, JSF++, and HIC++) or your specific coding standard.
  • Trending and quality change profiles over supplied project versions.

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