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Increased detection of security and compliance issues with the latest product package release from PRQA

Nuremberg, Germany, 23rd February 2016 / – PRQA, the pioneer and leader in the provision of automated static analysis solutions, today announces the introduction of its latest application suite containing QA·C, QA·C++ and the quality portal QA·Verify, with an increased focus on security and compliance.

With the growing complexity and interconnectedness of the embedded world, manufacturers and systems providers are looking to fresh and comprehensive solutions to verify the security and safety of their software. Paul Blundell, PRQA’s CEO commented “Ever increasing regulation and a rapidly growing internet of things (IoT) means the quality, compliance and security of code is more important than ever before. This increasingly challenging environment requires refined analysis tools to ensure secure and compliant code streams which can be used in wide ranging devices.”

Building on over 30 years of expertise in diagnosing issues and mandating best practices in software language usage, PRQA’s new product platform combines best-of-breed static analysis components across our expanded range of programming languages along with a step-change in our already sophisticated dataflow and multithreading analysis, to deliver a composite security, compliance, and critical bug detecting capability backed up by a web-enabled quality solution to monitor trends, provide outlier alerts, and report live status on every software project.

PRQA’s well-respected dataflow analysis already provides a uniquely granular examination of dangerous coding assumptions, hidden logic flaws, and serious breaches of safe language use. The new application suite extends this focus to a whole program scope, increasing the accuracy of pre-conditions to our sophisticated and industry-leading Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) theorem solver approach to value-based static analysis. Analysis of multi-threaded code is a new related capability addressing more advanced embedded and system environments where increasingly sophisticated processor arrays are encountered, and there is a corresponding requirement to analyse code streams running in parallel to ensure no redundancy or time out events.

With product deliveries that continue to focus on industrial-strength use of software language, PRQA holds a pre-eminent position in compliance to coding standards and defect prevention. Its focus on precise source code analysis delivers uniquely high grade bug-detection in language use correctness, value-tracking dataflow, and now in multi-threaded coding categories in this latest multi-language application suite.

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Detect, enforce and measure

Since 1985, PRQA has pioneered software coding governance in the automotive, aerospace, transport, finance, medical device and energy industries. Supporting both small start-ups and globally recognized brands, we provide sophisticated code analysis, robust defect detection and enforcement of both bespoke and industry coding standards through functional integrity and application security/safety.

PRQA’s industry-leading solutions, QA·C and QA·C++ offer the most meticulous static analysis of commonly used programming languages. Innovations such as multi-threading and resource analysis (MTR) complement this with refined multi-thread inspection of code streams. Used locally or centrally deployed via the Quality Management System QA·Verify, we enable early find/fix at the desktop and on the server side complete control, visibility and history to the decision maker.

ISO 9001 and TickIT certified.

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