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PRQA completes a major revamp of its product portfolio with new user interfaces and functionality

All key analysis products updated to provide a consistent user experience across static analysis products.
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HERSHAM, UK, 01 October 2013 / — PRQA | Programming Research, a global leader in static analysis, announces that its products have received a major overhaul designed with the customer in mind, offering a greater consistency across products and ease of use through improved user interfaces alongside higher functionality.

Central to the update is a new component-based, plugin architecture that encapsulates and decouples all the source code parsers from the generic framework. The parsers remain unchanged from the current releases, ensuring that static analysis results are unaffected and continue to provide the same proven, consistent and reliable output.

PRQA’s CEO, Paul Blundell stated, “This overhaul provides a key milestone for the integration and development of our products and solutions. Our innovative approach has ensured that the core parser technology at the heart of our product was untouched, guaranteeing these updated products deliver the same high performance that customers have come to expect from us.”

There are number of key enhancements introduced:

    • New user interfaces:

– cross-platform graphical user interface with integrated source code editor,
– cross-platform command line interface.

    • Full integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse, so developers now have all the features of the cross-platform GUI from within their favourite development environment.
    • New cross-platform, cross-interface, multi-language project format and project engine, allowing mixed source code (C and C++) projects.
    • Portable project format, allowing project configurations to be easily distributed among development team members.
    • Complete control over all project settings from within one cross-platform user interface.
    • One single installer, providing:

– all user interfaces,
– out-of-the-box compatibility for all supported compilers,
– a feature set that allows easy integration with the vast majority of build automation systems and IDEs,
– the ability to upload results to the QA·Verify Quality Management System.

A series of regional customer workshops accompany the introduction. Contact your local representative for further information,

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