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Derell chooses PRQA’s static analysis tools for Process Improvement

Derell – A leading embedded design company has selected PRQA’s static analysis tools for process improvement

HERSHAM, UK, 23 June 2010/ — PRQA | Programming Research, announces that Derell, a leading embedded design company based in the Savoie Technolac, France, has selected PRQA’s static analysis tools to form part of its internal process improvement project. The first product developed using the process is an embedded calculator for battery monitoring and sharp charging estimation.

Derell’s embedded calculator project, designed to be IEC 61508-compliant, was managed and developed according to the process improvement approach CMMi (Capability Maturity Model + Integration). This is an industry-standard approach recognised by the Software Engineering Institute, which guides organisations towards improving their development of products and services.

Derell first compared the available solutions on the market, according to the following criteria: facility of implementation and training; report quality; flexibility of the detailed analysis; ability to be used for every project (not only critical ones), and overall cost.

Eric Bouxirot, Chief Technical Officer and Manager of Derell, finally selected PRQA’s static analysis tools, stating: “We wanted to be able to measure precisely the quality of embedded code developed by our teams, in order to guarantee and prove the quality to our clients by virtue of the reports generated, either in accordance with our own standards or the metrics of our clients’.” Bouxirot added: “Regarding our development process, we also wanted our development managers to be able to explain to our engineers and technicians how to create good software.”

Derell’s teams particular cited the ease with which PRQA’s static analysis tools could be implemented and the flexibility they offer in precision. Eric Bouxirot feels the tools will be very helpful to improve Derell’s product maintainability and to reduce the risk of bugs – two parameters of paramount importance for critical industrial applications.

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