JSF AV C++ Compliance

The Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle C++ Coding Standard, JSF AV C++, was introduced to provide a safer subset of the C++ language specifically for code intended for use in aircraft. Static analysis tools are used to enforce JSF AV C++ and PRQA has created a specific JSF AV C++ compliance module for our QA·C++ and QA·Verify products to help accomplish this mission.

JSF AV C++ Resources

Read more about our support for this aerospace standard in our JSF AV C++ fact sheet .

Download more information from our library of White Papers. Topics include:

  • Case study describing how Selex ES used static analysis for both manual and auto-generated code
  • The Best Coding Standards Eliminate Bugs
  • Overlaps Between Coding Standards
  • Software Metrics
  • Using Static Analysis and Continuous Integration to Ensure Code Quality


Contact us for more information on the JSF AV C++ support available for QA·C++.