Management Team


Paul brings more than 35 years of business experience to PRQA, with more than half in the software industry. He has served as chief executive of various companies over the last 30 years and has been involved in a number of start-up operations. Paul has held key positions at major international companies including Spectrum Energy and Exploration Services, Merlin Geophysical Ltd, and Sefel Geophysical. He holds an MA from Trinity College · Dublin University.


Fergus is a 30-year veteran of the hardware and software computing industry. During his 13 years at Amdahl Corporation and for more than a decade with PRQA, Fergus has filled management and engineering roles in development and advanced testing. He has extensive experience with mainframe, client-server, Unix and Windows platforms and has special interest in software process, software systems design, automated tooling, and high-quality and maintainable large software systems. Fergus earned his Degree and Masters in Engineering from University College Dublin.


Evgueni spent his whole career in science and software development. He is managing software projects and people in scientific areas for more than 30 years. He is an internationally recognized specialist with over 60 publications in different areas, and is a regular presenter at scientific and industrial conferences. During last 10 years he has been developing new products for ID Business Solutions (IDBS) for pharmaceutical industry, has been managing software development at Scientific Software Solutions, and at Cerulean (Molins PLC). Evgueni has PhD in Organic Chemistry and Computer Science from St.Petersburg Institute of Technology, and multiple BSc from St.Petersburg University. He is a member of New York Academy of Science.


Bhav is a seasoned executive with more than 25 years of in-depth financial and practical management experience; she is responsible for finance and investor relations. Additionally, Bhav manages HR and facilities. Previously, she held various senior management positions at a number of large organizations including Sefel Geophysical Ltd, Spectrum Energy and Information Technology Ltd, Zoo Clothing Ltd, and Ultimate Clothing Ltd.


Jill has 30 years of software experience in a variety of areas including defense, automotive, telecommunications and education. She has in-depth knowledge of design, development and quality processes and a particular interest in coding standards. At PRQA, Jill leads a world-wide group of high-capability technical consultants in delivering value-added products and services to customers. Jill holds a Masters’ degree in Computer Science from Brunel University.