Structural Analyzer- Structure101

Visualize, understand, and address complexity in your large C and C++ software projects.

  • Plan a move away from spaghetti code
  • Create architectural rules and constraints
  • Expose interdependencies and associated complexity
    between modules


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Limit and control the complexity of code bases

Expose complexity at all levels of your codebase so that your team can develop simple
codebases with defined architecture, ensuring they can get more done in less time.

Establish your architecture vision

Create and edit architectural diagrams that represent how your code should be structured and impose your own code model.

With Structure 101 you can create your own architectural rules and constraints.

Establish-your-architecture- vision


Examine the structure of your large code projects

Algorithms detect and display your projects structural layout, exposing interdependencies and associated complexity between modules throughout your project’s codebases.

You can then observe architectural violations through a layering diagram and monitor structural changes between baseline and current versions.

Visualize key warnings and get actionable advice

Get clear visuals that identify excessively tangled code, the bypassing of defined APIs, and projects that don’t meet modular design requirements.

Then, get actionable advice that helps your development team take corrective actions.

Visualize-key- warnings-and-get -actionable advice

Who is this product for:

Developers and Software Architects working on large, modular software projects, who need to shorten cycles.

"This is easily the best software I have seen to visualize, understand, and address complexity."