MISRA C:2012 Training Course

MISRAC3_thumbnailOur MISRA C training course is instructor-led and designed to help developers, working with the ISO C language, to understand the rules and recommendations of the latest MISRA C:2012 standard.

The C language is widely used to develop applications in safety and commercially critical environments. It wasn’t specifically designed for them, however, it is possible to produce robust, high integrity C code when best practices are employed. The course will show you how by exploring these best practices and by introducing techniques on enforcement methods.

During the course, some of the ambiguous, poorly defined areas of the language that can cause serious problems will be identified. The standard’s intent will be discussed so that a deeper insight shall be gained. The course will explore why restrictions should be placed on the ISO C language standard in order to limit the flexibility it allows. The student will discover how to minimize problems created by either compiler diversity, different programming styles, or confusing aspects of the language, and how to apply the MISRA guidelines to development processes.

Upon completion the student will be armed with the expertise to produce MISRA compliant C code, and will understand how adopting the MISRA standard provides enormous benefit.

Training Course Overview

  • Purpose of MISRA C
  • Practical application of MISRA C rules
  • Statements, Identifiers and Type Declarations
  • Accessibility and visibility
  • Precedence and evaluation order
  • Type Conversions, Underlying Type and Type System Anomalies
  • Pointers and Pointer Conversions
  • Pre-processing and Macros

Who should attend

Our training is designed to help & support software development teams to write, verify and validate safety & mission critical applications:

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Project Manager
  • V&V Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • and anyone interested and involved in MISRA compliance

Key Benefits

  • Improve understanding of C
  • Produce high quality MISRA C compliant code
  • Understand which areas of C are unsuitable and avoidable
  • Avoid costly rework and extended testing phases
  • Appreciate and apply best practices in your development
  • Appreciate and understand adoption and enforcement of coding standards

Key Facts

  • Instructor-led training course across 2 days
  • Understand and appreciate the MISRA C:2012 guidelines
  • Identifies and educates on ambiguous, undefined and unspecified areas of C
  • Course manual and exercises provided
  • Certificate of Achievement issued
  • Both on and offsite training available

Next MISRA C:2012 Training Course 27-28 June 2017, Birmingham, UK Register Your Seat!