Product Demos

Effective Code Inspection Demonstration using QA·Verify - This is an excerpt from a live webinar in which Andrew Marchand of PRQA is discussing Continuous Code Inspection, this short video is a demonstration of effective code inspection using QA·Verify.

How C++ '11 Can Improve The Quality Of Your Software - Richard Corden of PRQA provides six examples of how using the new language feature in C++ ’11 can improve code quality.

QA·C++ 3.0 Key Features Demonstration - an overview of the new features and capabilities, including deep dataflow analysis, within QA·C++ 3.0.

QA·C - an overview of the leading coding standards enforcement tool for the C language.

QA·C++ - a guide to the tool that provides the highest and most accurate compliance to a range of C++ coding standards.

QA·Verify Product Demo & Roadmap - an overview of its key features and advantages.

Structure 101 - a tool that exposes code-base complexity and lets teams develop simpler code-bases with defined architectures.


Functional Demos

Legacy Code Management - A guide to improving and managing legacy code.

Naming Convention Checking - improving maintainability and readability of C and C++ code.

Custom Rule Creation - how to extend QA·C and QA·C++ with custom rules.

Rule Deviations - creating and auditing deviations from rule violations.

Rhapsody Integration - validating handcrafted or model generated code with QA·C++.



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