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PRQA – Coding Standards Expert Available for Code Audits

PRQA audits reduce risk of disabling software

HERSHAM, UK, 26 April 2010

Although software has become the enabling technology in most of the products we use across several market segments, software quality assurance is often neglected or left unchecked. Additionally, many products rely on software that does not comply with industry standards. This represents a massive potential risk as it is difficult to identify and fix problematic code in non-compliant software. Code that is hard to maintain, difficult to test or impossible to understand can lead to unreliable end products that might fail in the field.

This need not be the case, however, as software quality is an issue that can and should be addressed. By providing insight into the potential risk of failure, a code audit clearly identifies areas in need of improvement.

Programming Research, the leading provider of coding standard compliance solutions, is calling for an end to disabling software by offering comprehensive code audits to identify unsafe or unreliable code. PRQA’s code audits give developers an instant summary of their software quality, as well as the tools they need to address problem areas before they deploy products with compromised software.

PRQA can provide code audits for high impact critical bug issues and against standards supported by the industry’s most stringently controlled market segments, including the Automotive Industry (MISRA C and MISRA C++), the Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle Project (JSF AV C++), and against its own High Integrity C++ coding standards (HIC++).

Through code audits, developers can apply the same methodology that certifies safety-critical applications to every market where software is an enabling technology, and introduce the same level of quality assurance in their products.

To arrange a code audit, please contact PRQA at 1 617 273 8448, or visit the company this week at the Embedded Systems Conference in booth #720 at the San Jose McEnery Conference Center.

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