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PRQA Announces DO-178B Qualification Pack for QA·C++

Coding standard compliance leader delivers pre-verified software to save customers time, money, and frustration
ESC, BOSTON and HERSHAM, UK – September 22, 2009 – PRQA | Programming Research, a world leader in coding standard enforcement and language-based static analysis, today announced the availability of a DO-178B Qualification Pack for QA·C++, its industry-leading high-fidelity language analysis tool. PRQA plays an instrumental role in the development and application of coding standards in many industries including aerospace and avionics.
“As safety-critical aerospace applications increasingly rely on embedded and system software, there is a growing need to verify the accuracy and consistency of this software,” said Paul Blundell, CEO PRQA | Programming Research. “As a result, we’re seeing an upturn in demand for qualification data, or software verification tools, from tool vendors. A pre-verified qualification pack seemed like the natural solution to address this need.”
PRQA selected Verocel Inc., a leading authority on DO-178B qualification and software certification processes, to help the company create a qualification pack with independent verification of QA·C++. Verocel has extensive expertise with RTCA/DO-178B Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, and participated in a number of DO-178B software certification projects to level A standards.
Projects that employ the qualification pack are eligible for certification credit for the following two DO-178B objectives:

  • “A-5 (4) Source Code conforms to standards,” and
  • “A-5 (6) Source Code is accurate and consistent.”

The QA·C++ Qualification Pack includes Tool Operational Requirements (TOR), Tool Qualification Data (TQD), and Tool Qualification Plan (TQP) documents, along with a user-activated Certification Report to provide users with automated project-based artefact documentation. The PRQA solution provides unmatched DO-178B certification fulfilment, and meets tool and process qualification needs for process-driven software development projects.
Through the use of QA·C++ coding standard compliance modules, PRQA’s associated qualification pack and a new automated certification report, developers of any software-based subsystem can provide the necessary verification documentation to obtain certification credit for DO-178B objectives.

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