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QA·C and QA·C++ MISRA-Coding Standards enforced by GatsoMeter B.V.

Endorsement of multi-language approach to Misra MISRA standard compliance

HERSHAM, UK, May 28 2009 – Programming Research report a double success of their tool suite in providing compliance to the MISRA set of coding standards for both C and C++ with a prominent and leading technology company operating in a mixed C/C++ environment.

Gatsometer B.V. leads the world in the provision of traffic enforcement equipment. The company’s core business consists of the development, production, and installation of traditional and digital speed and red light camera systems and radar systems. In addition to having developed a very strong domestic market, Gatsometer B.V. exports traffic enforcement systems to countries all over the world.

According to Timo Gatsonides, company chief, their software development spans several generations of technology, with strong use of C and recent adoption of C++. With a software development group numbering 25, Gatsometer saw early the need to implant best practices of development by using the MISRA-C:2004 guidelines. They chose PRQA’s QA·C as a tool to support this activity. Among its many benefits, Mr Gatsonides highlighted QA·C’s ability to provide automatic enforcement, compliance reporting and developer education as the key advantages of this solution.

When their development broadened into C++ solutions, Gatsometer B.V. evaluated PRQA’s corresponding QA·C++ solution in combination with the recent MISRA-C++: 2008 Coding Standard. Mr. Gatsonides commented, “QA·C++ offers seamlessly equivalent operation to QA·C, and contains an equally impressive level of compliance to the MISRA standard. We also particularly appreciated the online help and assistance which the QA·C++ solution provides to the developer.”

Gatsometer B.V. now operate with full language protection across their C and C++ software development, and follow best practice advice as provided through the complementary MISRA-C and C++ coding standards. They are supported in these efforts by the equally complementary QA·C and QA·C++ MISRA analysis solutions.

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