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VectorCAST Code Analysis Solution Now Available from PRQA

Industry Leaders Deliver Combined Static and Dynamic Code Analysis in a Single Environment

HERSHAM, UK, 4th September 2008 / PRQA | Programming Research announces that through a strategic partnership, PRQA and Vector Software have developed a fully integrated software analysis solution that provides market leading static analysis and coding standard enforcement with the industry’s foremost automated unit, integration, and code coverage test tools for software engineers.

By integrating VectorCAST with PRQA’s market-leading code analysis tools, QA·C and QA·C++, engineers now have a single point of control tool that combines enforceable user defined or industry defined coding standards, with world-class automated software test.

Static analysis is recognized as being crucial in software development today, by enforcing industry recognized coding standards, such as MISRA, across widely adopted high-level languages, including C, C++, ADA and JAVA. PRQA’s QA·C and QA·C++ are accepted as leading tools in this field to provide static analysis of source code.

Dynamic analysis extends this functionality to the run-time environment, providing ‘live’ feedback of code coverage and automated unit and integration level regression testing in the production cycle. Vector Software’s VectorCAST excels in delivering the industry’s most extensive automated test tools for software engineers.

By partnering, PRQA and Vector Software have combined the best-in-class solutions to provide a total, fully integrated static and dynamic analysis solution that covers all recognized coding standards in the military, aerospace and automotive markets, standards that are seeing rapid adoption in other vertical markets due to more stringent requirements for safety compliance.

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