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Code Quality Solution in MISRA-C++ Compliance

Product enhancements plus benchmarking test suite reinforce comprehensive coding rule enforcement

HERSHAM, UK, October 1 2008 / PRQA | Programming Research announces the availability of a QA·C++ product upgrade, an enhanced compliance package for MISRA-C++, and a Benchmarking Test Suite for rigorous assessment of analysis tool adherence claims, all designed to provide superior compliance support and technical leadership to the increasing customer uptake of the MISRA-C++ Coding Guidelines.

The advanced code analysis technology in QA·C++ is purpose-fit to achieving high-grade compliance to coding standards, in a package designed to fit inside software development and build environments. This latest version (2.5) now supplies industry-leading coverage and the most accurate diagnostic compliance factors for the MISRA-C++ guidelines. The MISRA-C++ compliance package links product diagnostics to individual rules, with extensive help, explanation, and code examples throughout.

In tandem with this, PRQA has developed a MISRA-C++ Benchmarking Test Suite to provide exhaustive code examples and a clear explanation of the new MISRA-C++ rule set, with clear guidance on what represents compliance with, or violation of, a rule. Furthermore it provides a comparative benchmark, allowing developers to evaluate how effectively the rules are enforced through a static analysis tool, such as PRQA’s QA·C++.

The MISRA-C++ Coding Standard draws from established coding standards such as
MISRA-C:2004, Lockheed Martin’s Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle C++ coding standard, and PRQA’s own High Integrity C++ Coding Standard.

PRQA has a strong record of achievement on the MISRA-C++ Coding Guidelines. At its release event on June 5th last, PRQA was able to showcase strong compliance against its existing product version (2.4) as well as a fully functional preview of its forthcoming version. PRQA’s chief contributor within the MISRA-C++ committee is also a voting representative on the ISO C++ Standards Committee, as well as software architect and developer. Having thus played an important role in creating the MISRA-C++ Coding Standard, PRQA also recorded a first with the release of its MISRA-C++ compliance code analysis solution.

Compliance with MISRA coding standards is now mandated within many vertical industry sectors. PRQA’s commercially-proven QA·C++ code analysis technology is purpose-fit to achieve this goal, and now offers the greatest compliance factors and the most robust embedded solution technology for MISRA-C++.

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