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Structure101 for QA·C and QA·C++ Static Analysis Tools

Partnership with Headway Software strengthens code visualization and architectural management, complements code analysis expertise

HERSHAM, UK, December 9 2008 / PRQA | Programming Research today announces general availability of Structure101 for QA·C and QA·C++, an add-on product that delivers code visualization and architectural compliance for C and C++ projects.

PRQA’s core technologies include advanced language parsing engines for C and C++ that power their widely-used QA·C and QA·C++ products. PRQA pioneered the use of this static analysis technology to automatically enforce coding standards and are the dominant player in the coding standard enforcement space.

Now, using the same technologies to extract and deliver high-fidelity data to Structure101, PRQA is helping developers to better understand and manage C and C++ software architecture. Its partner in this product collaboration is Headway Software, who pioneered large-scale code structure visualization and architectural constraint mechanisms in the Java domain, culminating in a 2008 Jolt award for Structure101 under the Design and Modeling category (

With features that include visual display of rolled-up dependencies across complex projects, partitioning of codebases according to your own view of structure, focus on intensely tangled code portions, and the ability to set architectural rules and constraints and trigger warnings for any breaches, Structure101 for QA·C/QA·C++ offers unmatched power and functionality in managing the most complex code bases.

After a successful early adoption program and an enthusiastic customer reception in the last six months, PRQA is pleased to commence General Availability shipment of Structure101 for QA·C/QA·C++.

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