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ANSI/ISO Support for QA·C and Open Source Extensions

Customers Get Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC) Extensions & More C99

BOSTON, May 2, 2008 /PRNewswire/ — PRQA | Programming Research, the leading provider of coding standard enforcement solutions, today announced the availability of QA·C 7.1, the latest update to its flagship product.

QA·C is consistently recognized worldwide as the most powerful, most robust, and most technically advanced solution available today for statically analyzing source code and automatically enforcing coding standards in C language development environments.

QA·C 7.1 now adds broad support for the open source Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC) extensions plus it delivers expanded analysis support for ANSI/ISO Standard C99.

GCC, with its extensive C99 support, continues to gain traction in the embedded software development space where PRQA is a dominant player. These latest enhancements to QA·C demonstrate PRQA’s continued commitment to its customers’ needs.

“QA·C 7.1 tackles the most popular and widely used GCC and C99 extensions. This is a significant benefit for PRQA’s customers, since we have widened the scope of projects they can analyze and where they can enforce coding standards,” commented Dr. Paul Boca, R&D Manager at PRQA.

Many of the GCC extensions and C99 features now supported by QA·C 7.1 are in the Linux kernel. That usage reinforces their viability and proves their value among many developers. QA·C 7.1 includes support for designated initializers, variable length arrays, compound literals, declarations within “for” statements, variadic macros, empty structs, empty structs initializers, and zero-length arrays.

The 7.1 Release also continues to demonstrate QA·C’s long-standing ability to support non-ISO language extensions by including some useful GCC features not found in ISO Standard C.

QA·C 7.1 is available now.

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