DO-178B and DO-178C Compliance

Military Defense and Aerospace Solutions from PRQAIn the aviation, defence and military industries, DO-178C, or its predecessor DO-178B, are the de-facto standard software development processes. These standards are also required for avionics projects to receive flight–worthiness certification from the world’s major aviation administrations including FAA, CAA and JAA.

Developing software for the DO-178C and DO-178B coding standards is a demanding task with 60-80% of a projects costs typically being attributed to testing. This can be even higher if problems are found during integration, a long time after requirements and design considerations were agreed.

DO-178B Qualification Pack

To assist in the process PRQA has created a DO-178B Qualification Pack for its QA·C and QA·C++ tools. The pack assist certification, in particular with regard to objectives “A-5 (4) Source Code conforms to standards” and “A-5 (6) Source Code is accurate and consistent”, reducing the time and effort required. The DO-178B Qualification Pack pack comprises:

  • Tool Qualification Plan (TQP)
  • Tool Operational Requirements (TOR)
  • Tool Qualification Data (TQD)
  • User Manual and Users Guide
  • User Activated Certification Report

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