Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace, defense, military and related sectors are very demanding safety-critical and mission-critical industries. They rely heavily on embedded software, have large code bases and highly complex systems. Software quality is paramount, and it is essential that the complete supply chain also meets these rigorous requirements

DO-178B Qualification Pack

Military defense and aerospace solutions from PRQADO-178B; Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, has become a de-facto standard for software development processes in the avionics industry. It is commonly considered as one of the world’s strictest software development process guidelines.

Verification of Source Code to meet DO-178B objectives A-5(4) and A-5(6) can be a labor-intensive effort. An engineering team can spend between 1-4 hours verifying each line of code to demonstrate, to the FAA, CAA or JAA, compliance to a coding standard. Additional cost to the development team to achieve DO-178B certification has been quoted as being 50-200%. Tools can be employed help to reduce this effort, and PRQA created a DO-178B Qualification Pack for its industry-leading static analysis tools QA·C and QA·C++, comprising:

  • Tool Qualification Plan (TQP)
  • Tool Operational Requirements (TOR)
  • Tool Qualification Data (TQD)
  • User Manual and Users Guide
  • User Activated Certification Report

Our tool qualification pack enables projects to more efficiently attain certification to DO-178B objectives: “A-5 (4) Source Code conforms to standards“ and “A-5 (6) Source Code is accurate and consistent“.

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JSF AV C++ Compliance Module

The Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle C++ Coding Standard, or JSF AV C++, is the aerospace’s equivalent to the MISRA Coding Standards used in the automotive industry, and was introduced to provide a safer subset of the C++ language, specifically for code intended for use in air vehicles.

Enforcing the JSF AV C++ requires a tool that has been developed to meet this precise goal, and PRQA has created a JSF++ Compliance Module for our industry-leading static analysis solutions, QA·C++ and QA·Verify.


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