Consumer Electronics, Industrial Automation, Energy and Semiconductors

Coding Standard adoption rates are growing steadily, not just in mission-critical and safety-critical environments but also across many other industries that recognize the potential commercial impact when software does not behave as intended. For example:

  • Telecommunications – not only mobile phones, but also the multitude of devices on the network side, such as routers, switches, gateways, base stations etc.
  • Consumer Electronics, with a bewildering range of devices, including, TVs, set-top boxes, DAB radios, gaming devices and even the likes of washing machines, microwaves and fridges
  • Commercial industries such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), Security systems and industrial process control and automation
  • Other enterprises, especially financial, banking and insurance (FBI)

Consumer solutions from PRQANone of these industries have industry specific coding standards analogous to MISRA or JSF. Companies typically adopt a subset of coding rules based on an existing coding standard such as MISRA, JSF or HIC++. Frequently these are supplemented by additional company specific coding rules, and/or a style guide.

PRQA customers span all of these sectors, where we help leading companies to improve the quality of their software. In addition to our standard statics analysis tools and compliance modules we provide a critical range of additional services, helping customers to develop bespoke coding standards, tailoring existing industry standards for domain specific deployments and helping to automate the enforcement of selected coding rules.


IEC 60880 Certified

SGS TUV SAAR CertificationIEC 60880 provides requirements for the software of computer-based instrumentation and control (I&C) systems of nuclear power plants performing functions of safety category A (as defined by IEC 61226). Provides requirements for the purpose of achieving highly reliable software.

Following an independent audit by SGS-TÜV SAAR, both QA·C and QA·C++ – when used with our MISRA C Compliance Module and as outlined in the Safety Manual – are certified as “usable in the development of safety related software” for they key safety critical standards: EN 50128 up to SW-SIL 4 and IEC 60880.

Achieving Machinery Functional Safety  According to IEC 61508, ISO 13849 and IEC 62061 New whitepaper available!

From Our Customers

“What set QA·C apart from other tools in the market was that we could easily adapt and expand it in relation to our own coding rules.”

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