Banking and Finance

Over the past decade the banking and finance industry has experienced a number of high profile system failures, caused by internal software defects or malicious cyber attacks, which have impacted both retail and commercial customers. Like all large organizations, banks possess a varied IT ecosystem comprising both new and legacy software. This includes code that has been developed internally as well as outsourced (and opensource), and often code which has been inherited though acquisitions. In addition the challenges of risk mitigation, compliance and governance are especially important in this heavily regulated sector.


PRQA benefits:

  • Ensure software is written the way you want. Define your development guidelines, standards, and metrics centrally, as appropriate per project (and per the needs of the business).
  • Improve transparency and your understanding / confidence in the quality of your code, be it developed internally, outsourced or inherited through acquisitions.
  • Manage risk by analyzing your code to identify latent defects and potential security vulnerabilities in legacy code – before these turn into customer issues.
  • Collect data to evidence compliance for external audits.
  • Implement best practices and prevent defects being introduced into new code. And avoid the cost and time incurred by your testing and QA teams to find these defects later in the process.
  • Improve your time to market and software quality, reduce development costs and risk.