Undecidability in Static Code Analysis Webinar

Undecidability in static analysis

About the webinar

One of the key new concepts introduced in the most recent version of MISRA C (2012) was the classification of all rules as either decidable or undecidable.

Undecidability is a fundamental limitation that prevents any static analysis tools, no matter how sophisticated, from guaranteeing 100% enforcement of certain types of coding standard rules, or from fully and precisely identifying all instances of particular software defects.

You’ll learn

  • The principles behind undecidability
  • How undecidability affects static analysis
  • How to recognise undecidable rules
  • Mechanisms to deal with undecidability

About our speaker: Fulvio Baccaglini

Fulvio at static code analysis webinarFulvio is a senior software engineer working in the R&D department of Programming Research (PRQA) on QA·C, PRQA’s static code analysis software tool for the C language. Fulvio holds a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering speciality Computer Science from the Politecnico di Milano and has many years experience in requirement / design based software development for large scale, real-time, distributed systems. Fulvio is also a member of the MISRA C Working Group.


Webinar recording

Undecidability in Static Code Analysis from PRQA on Vimeo.