Success Stories

See how our products have been proven in some of the world’s most demanding environments.

  • Viveris Case Study Image

    Implementation of a safety-related system under EN 50128 for their driverless trains

    “Using a software verification tool that is already certified to EN 50128 is vital. This accelerated our development times, reduced our overall cost and mitigated our risk.”

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  • Socionext Case Study Image

    System-on-Chip (SoC), driving the adoption of MISRA / QA·C throughout the supply chain

    Delivering high-quality software from the OEMs right down to the silicon:
    – ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Solutions) for Automotive
    – SoC technology for surround view systems & graphics display controllers

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  • Abiomed Case Study Image
    Medical Devices


    Improving and retaining the integrity of prototype developments using QA·C
    – Greater speed in testing and earlier discovery of errors
    – Yielding better, more robust code

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  • Selex ES Case Study Image
    Aerospace and Defense

    Static Analysis – for Manual Code and Auto-generated Code

    QA·C and QA·C++ were already widely adopted by our development teams and already proven to be highly effective when used to analyze manually generated code. This [Rhapsody] integration was very important for us, and PRQA delivered an effective, pragmatic way to independently verify the quality of auto-generated code.

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  • KPIT Technologies Case Study Image

    From Compliance to Exploitation: Defect Prevention is Better than Cure

    Using QA·C to verify compliance to MISRA C coding standard
    – Delivering high-quality code on schedule and to budget
    – Code rework after V&V reduced by 50%

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  • Protean Case Study Image

    ISO 26262 Compliance: Realities and Practicalities

    “We are impressed by the performance of QA·C, it is very accurate and we see that it is finding issues that other tools have missed.”

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  • Haldex Case Study Image

    Braking News: from safety-critical systems to award-winning smart trailer applications

    QA·C and QA·C++ used to develop safety-critical braking system and Fleet+, fleet management application
    – Ensuring high-quality code
    – 25% of the defects found earlier in the development cycle

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  • Philips Digital TV Case Study Image
    Consumer, Telecom, and Other Industries

    How To Improve Code Quality In High Volume, Process Controlled Products

    In this video case study, a Senior Software Engineering and Quality and Tool Manager at Philips Digital TV, shares his experience and lessons learned, using real-world examples to explain how to improve code quality in high volume, process controlled environments.

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  • Delphi Case Study Image

    King of the Road in the Diesel Aftermarket

    Utilizing QA·C to achieve MISRA C compliance
    – Improving software quality – from day one
    – Ensuring outstanding final product quality

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