Automate compliance checks for MISRA, a model for best practices accepted worldwide by automotive, and other industries creating safety-critical embedded-systems.

  • High-quality enforcement of MISRA C coding rules
  • Accelerate adoption of coding best practices
  • Detect non-compliances with minimal false positives
  • Demonstrate compliance with reporting and audit
  • Increase consistency and effectiveness of code inspections


All you need to know about MISRA C:2012


MISRA C:2012 Coding Standard – also known as MISRA C3.

What is MISRA?

The MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) guidelines include a comprehensive set of coding rules for the C and C++ language and practical advice on the subject of development best practices.

A Safer Subset of The C Language

These rules serve to define a safer subset of the language suitable for any development project where safety, quality, and reliability are a priority. As a result, the MISRA coding guidelines are now accepted worldwide as the benchmark for developing safety-critical software in C and C++.

MISRA is used by several industries including aerospace, telecom, medical devices, defence, and railway.

A-Safer-Subset-of the-C -language

"The latest version of MISRA C provides an outstanding basis for effective and safe use of the C Language. With support for C99, a range of improvements and detailed explanations of the rationale behind individual rules, MISRA C:2012 is a valuable tool for anyone who cares about software quality and is developing systems in C."

- Paul Burden, - one of the co-authors of the MISRA C Coding Standards and representative on the MISRA C working group for more than 10 years.
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QA·C + MISRA Add-On: “the best code analysis tool for enforcing MISRA”

TERA-Labs, a division of the University of Antwerp, completed a comparative study of eight MISRA C checking tools.

Our product, QA·C, outperformed the other code analysis tools by detecting more MISRA C2 violations while producing fewer false positives. We have only built on this lead with our enforcement of MISRA C3.

Download TERA-Labs Comparison of Static Analysis Tools Performance Whitepaper >

From the Authors of MISRA C

Development leads, architects, project managers, and senior managers each have a unique understanding and perspective of software quality.

QA·Verify pulls from the same source data to deliver configurable reports that give each key stakeholder the information they need in a format they can understand. matched with actionable remediation tasks.The result is consistent and justifiable quality analytics matched with actionable remediation tasks.


Compliance -Modules-are- available-for

Compliance Modules are available for:

MISRA C:1998
MISRA C:2004

Who is this product for:

Software development teams in the automotive, aerospace, telecom, medical devices, defence, railway, and other industries.

QA managers, compliance managers, and team leaders who want their team to produce compliant code, minimize false alarms, and to automatically generate reports that prove compliance.

Engineering leaders who need their team to produce compliant code in a way that reduces lead times and the cost to develop software.

"Since we began using the QA·C MISRA Compliance Module, the quality and consistency of our first generation code has skyrocketed, and our final products have been virtually error-free."

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