Automate compliance to a coding standard designed to help programmers develop code that conforms to safety-critical software principles

  • Plug into static analyzer QAC++
  • Adopt safe usage of C++ language
  • Improve your software integrity
  • Applicable to all software domains
  • Report, audit, and prove compliance to JSF++
  • Produce compliant code with the help of integrated guidance


The Best Coding Standards Eliminate Bugs



Explore scenarios where coding standards prevent the misuse of the C and C++ languages.

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What is JSF AV C++?

The JSF AV++ coding standard, produced by Lockheed Martin™, is intended to help programmers develop code that does not contain defects that could lead to failures resulting in significant harm to individuals and/or equipment.

An extension of C++ to make safer software

Overall, the philosophy embodied by this rule set is an extension of C++’s philosophy of C.

That is, by providing “safer” alternatives to “unsafe” facilities, known problems with low-level features are avoided. In essence, programs are written in a “safer” subset of a superset.



PRQA’s JSF AV ++ Add-On helps you build better software
  • Fully integrated JSF++ compliance for QA·C++
  • Highest enforcement of JSF++ coding standard available
  • Project-based compliance reporting to the JSF++ standard
  • Fully configurable to customer projects
  • Often used as a template for custom coding standards

Who is this product for:

Software development teams that need to adopt safety-critical software principles and report, audit and prove their compliance to the JSF++ standard.

QA managers, compliance managers, and team leaders who need their developers to produce compliant code with a tool that only flags relevant issues.

Engineering leaders who need their team to produce compliant software code in the most effective and efficient manner, reducing lead times and the cost of development.

"QA·C and QA·C++ were already widely adopted by our development teams and already proven to be highly effective when used to analyze manually generated code.

This [Rhapsody] integration was very important for us, and PRQA delivered an effective, pragmatic way to independently verify the quality of auto-generated code."

Selex ES - Aerospace and Defense Industry
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