High Integrity C++

Created by PRQA, High Integrity C++ defines a set of rules and best practices for the production of high quality C++ code.

  • Plug into static analyzer QAC++
  • Adopt safe usage of Modern C++ language (includes rules
    covering C++ 2011 and C++ 2014)
  • Highest enforcement of HIC++ coding standard available
  • Project based compliance reporting to the HIC++ standard
  • Fully configurable to customer projects
  • Used widely as a template for custom coding standards


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What is HIC++?

High Integrity C++ was initially published in 2003. The new version of HIC++ consolidates or retires a number of original rules, provides extensive examples, and adds rules related to C++11 features. As of its 10th anniversary, HIC++ has been downloaded more than 30,000 times from our coding standard website.

The guiding principles of this standard are maintenance, portability, readability and safety.

How PRQA’s HIC++ Add-On helps you build better software

Minimize problems created by different programming styles or dangerous/confusing aspects of the language. This standard adopts the view that restrictions should be placed in the ISO C++ language standard to limit its flexibility. The result is more uniform code across teams.

Minimize problems created by compiler diversity. Different compilers may only implement a subset of the ISO C++ standard or interpret its meaning in ways that can lead to porting and semantic errors. 

Without applying good standards and coding best practices, programmers may write code that is prone to bugs and/or difficult for colleagues to maintain.

Who is this product for:

Software development teams that need to adopt safe usage of Modern C++ language as a coding standard.

Software development teams that need to report, audit and prove their HIC++ compliance to external parties.

QA managers, compliance managers, and team leaders who need their developers to produce compliant code with a tool that only flags relevant issues.

Engineering leaders who need their developers to produce compliant software code in the most effective and efficient manner, reducing lead times and the cost of development.

"Congratulations on creating a great C++ standard! The first viable coding standard that incorporates advice on C++11!"

Tobias Furuholm - Senior Specialist Software Platforms
Atlas Copco