Extend QA·C++ for out-of-the-box application of the AUTOSAR coding guidelines.

  • Report coding rule violations
  • Highlight undefined, unspecified or compiler-dependent behavior
  • Flag potential runtime issues
  • Cover all possible execution paths​​​​​​​


All you need to know about AUTOSAR

Introduction to AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines


Introduction to AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines

What is AUTOSAR?

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a partnership of over 180 automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers, tool vendors and semiconductor vendors. AUTOSAR's aim is to standardize and future-proof basic software elements, interfaces and bus systems, to help vehicle manufacturers manage growing system complexity while keeping costs down. It develops standardized open software architectures for automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

Meeting the Needs of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

Rapidly changing technologies create completely new development requirements to new and existing software platforms for the next generation of ECUs.

AUTOSAR has developed a new standard called the ‘Adaptive Platform’ for internet-connected and highly autonomous driving technologies to meet the rapidly growing market needs.

Examples of technologies driving the adaptive platform standard include: high-powered 32-/64-bit microprocessors with external memory, parallel processing and high bandwidth communications.


Exclusive Static Analysis Development Partner

AUTOSAR invited PRQA to help ensure the safety and security of the code written by implementers of AUTOSAR software, and join the working group to develop the “Guidelines for the use of the C++14 language in critical and safety-related systems”.

As the exclusive static analysis development partner in AUTOSAR
we have contributed our expertise in the C++ programming language and best-practice software development gained over the last 30 years.


Latest blogs on AUTOSAR
BP107 - autosar_bridge_400x400#2

Mind the Gap: AUTOSAR Guidelines for Modern C++

AUTOSAR has published coding guidelines for using C++ in critical and safety-related applications.


The increasing relevance of AUTOSAR as we move to more connected and autonomous vehicles

The automotive industry has never before experienced such a rapid period of change

Who is this product for:

Any organization developing embedded software in C++14 should consider using the AUTOSAR guidelines